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Overall Event Schedule


9PM - 2AM           Pre-Party at Taiga

Address: 2900 Travis St, Houston, TX

$25 cover*

*Not Included in Full Pass


10AM - 6PM          General Workshops

9PM - 10PM           Shows

10PM - 6AM          Social Dancing 


10AM - 6PM          General Workshops

3:30PM - 7:30PM  Pool Party

9PM - 10PM          Shows

10PM - 6AM         Social Dancing & Dani J in Concert


10AM - 6PM         General Workshops

3:30PM-7:30PM    Pool Party

9PM - 10PM          Evening Workshop

10PM - 6AM         Social Dancing 

Sensual Weekend Program Schedule

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

2PM - 4PM           Track Verde

4PM - 6PM           Track Rojo

Bachata Sensual Level 1 Instructors Course Program Schedule

Friday                    9-2PM

Saturday                10-2PM

Sunday                  10-1PM

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