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Sensual Week USA

Taking Your Dance To The Next Level

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We are extremely proud of being able to bring you a unique training program with top bachata sensual instructors worldwide. 

Program Description

  1. The program will consist of 10 hours of Customized Master Technique Training with Korke & Judith, Pablo & Gloria, Irene & Tomas, and Carolina Rosa and Social Dance Parties Every NIGHT!

  2. All participants will be placed on a track according to their individual technique as a lead or as a follow

  3. All Spots Are Limited to small groups to optimize your learning experience


August 20-23, 2024


Hotel The Westin Washington, DC Downtown

Address: 999 9th St NW, Washington, DC, 20001

We have an special rate for our group of $177/night, in order to book your room at this rate please use the link below.

Application Process

  1. Each applicant must prepare a video social dancing (minimum 2 minutes) via the form below. The Video cannot be dancing with any of the artists from the following couples: Korke & Judith, Pablo & Raquel, Igor & Gloria, Marco & Sara, Kike & Nahir, or Luis & Andrea.

  2. Complete Form Below including your video social dancing

Program Cost

  1. Once Accepted, Each applicant will be issued an access code to be able to complete purchase and registration to the Program.

  2. Main Track (10hrs / video assessed): The Cost of the Program is $399/person for the Initial Main Track.

  3. Secondary/Third Track (10hrs each / video assessed)*: If a student qualifies for a Second or Third Main Track the student will be notified and they will be available as qualified and would cost $199/person for each additional 10hrs of Training. Students should ONLY PURCHASE THE TRACK THAT THEY WERE ACCEPTED AT. If a participant purchases a Track that they were NOT cleared to purchase the participant will NOT receive a wristband and will NOT be allowed into the Secondary/Third Main Track. 

  4. All Level 4hr Tracks*: We will also be offering 2 additional short tracks to help you polish your dance skills. The Traditional Track with the top Traditional Dancer Carolina Rosa from Spain, and a Styling Track by Judith & Gloria. The additional cost for each one of these is $175/participant for each 4 hours session. All Participants must have a main track pass in order to be able to participate in any of the ALL LEVEL tracks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is placement determined for each one of the tracks?  All placements for each Track are determined based on RELATIVE skills versus the group of applicant versus and the placement is NOT based on ABSOLUTE Skills (ie beginner / intermediate / advanced). HOW DOES RELATIVE SKILL WORKS: This is a ranking based on the Videos Submitted between all the people that applied, and then they’re assigned a track based on that ranking. What does this Means? For example, if everyone that apply to the Program is ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE then the tracks might be INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED, and ULTRA ADVANCED. So whatever track you’re placed on is designed to CHALLENGE YOU. Our Professional Evaluators in Spain look specifically for Bachata Sensual Technique in the Videos so they’re looking for those elements of leading and following that DEMONSTRATE Bachata Sensual Proper Technique.

Program Schedule

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