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Bachata Sensual
Ambassadors & Family

The Official Bachata Sensual Community

What is the Bachata Sensual Ambassadors & Bachata Sensual Family Programs? 

The Bachata Sensual Ambassadors and the Family Programs are the official program for representatives of the Bachata Sensual dance style, brand, and development community in America. All candidates are thoroughly vetted for their dance and interpersonal skills, are held to the highest standards, and are expected to embody our core values of Humility, Diversity, Leadership, Respect, and Kindness. Our Key Goal is to help develop each ambassadors and family members in their dance journey to become the best version of themselves and to mentor them to develop their interpersonal, business, and leadership skills in the dance community. 

What are the Minimum Program Requirements to Become an Ambassador or Family Candidate:

1. MUST be Nominated by Another Ambassador/Family Member OR by the BS Leadership

2. MUST have attended min of 3 BS Events recently

3. MUST be willing to commit for 1yr

4. Ambassadors MUST be of Advanced/Pro Level AND be Certified Instructors with a Current Certification, Family members MUST be Intermediate Level at a minimum, formal evaluation might be needed

5. MUST Pass 60 minute interview

6. WILL be held to the highest standards for training commitment, aptitude, and interpersonal skills

7. MUST be willing to commit to attend a minimum of 4 BS events during the calendar year

8. Once minimum requirements are met, Each candidate will be evaluated by the BS Admissions Committee

Our Ambassadors

A Bachata Sensual Ambassador is more than just a title, each ambassador is an official representative of the Bachata Sensual dance style, brand, and community of practice and development. An ambassador is held to the highest standards of dance and interpersonal skills and is expected to embody the core values of Humility, Diversity, Leadership, Respect, and Kindness, in addition to this, each ambassadors is expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment to train at Bachata Sensual events and they be directly mentored by the Bachata Sensual Leadership during their dance journey; beyond their commitment to train & continuously improve, most ambassadors are instructors that can help you to elevate your dance. Click on each ambassador to go directly to their instagram page. 

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Los Angeles, CA

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