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Sensual Weekend Program

Taking Your Dance To The Next Level

We are extremely proud of being able to bring you a unique training program with top bachata sensual instructors worldwide. 


Program Description

  1. The program will consist of 5 hours of Master Technique Training with Korke & Judith, Pablo & Raquel, and Igor & Gloria

  2. All participants will be placed on a track according to their individual technique as a lead or as a follow

  3. All Spots Are Limited to small groups (20 couples only) to optimize your learning experience

Application Process

  1. Each applicant must prepare a video social dancing (minimum 2 minutes) via the form below. The Video can not be with the artists Korke, Judith, Igor, Gloria, Pablo, or Raquel.

  2. Complete Form Below including your video social dancing

Program Cost

  1. Once Accepted, Each applicant will be issued an access code to be able to complete purchase and registration to the Program.

  2. The Cost of the Program is $250 in addition to the full pass.  MUST HAVE FULL PASS PRIOR TO PURCHASING SENSUAL WEEKEND PROGRAM PASS.

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